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Page history last edited by Darren Kuropatwa 11 years ago
Thanks to all who contributed to this conversation. Please read from bottom up; archived in reverse chronological order. Some folks opted to hold the conversation in twitter; this is what I was able to capture of that. Thanks again!



How to transform work into a gallery of thought.
longevity can be good... especially for those students in the same course next year!
Imagine being the teacher of Darren's kids!
digital gallery walk
Never thought about longevity of work quite like that -paper vs. digital
after trialling many wiki sites, pbworks is great!
Here's the calc wiki my own kids did. Next year I'm going to incorporate some of his ideas http://hkiscalc.wetpaint.com/
I think he is recording it but I'm not sure about streaming.
Is this being streamed anywhere?
I upload my classes videos to Vimeo and embed them to our site.
post/share on blogs, wikis...
Not talking= not learning- love this.
...90% of youTube videos get under 20 hits.
I hope he talks about the different appropriate options of where to publish work. Is youTube the only option? The appropriate one? Remember;
publish student work for the most effective audience ever!
super slow internet
Seen this many times and give me the chills every time.
LOL. The keystone on the projector bugs me...


Hi. Glad you found the space. Share your thoughts and links here.


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