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TIme and Space Chat Archive

Page history last edited by Darren Kuropatwa 11 years, 4 months ago
Thanks to all who contributed to this conversation. Please read from bottom up; archived in reverse chronological order. Thanks again!
Thank you all.
C U all tomorrow on the network. :)
Thanks everyone...that's the last session of the day from BLC! See you all tomorrow! :)
Thank you Jeff and Darren.
@Melanie Friend and mentor to many.
Thanks Darren!
If you think beyond the limits of time and space you can do a whole lot more!
Showing slide show from your pics...very cool.
He seems so creative.
@Jeff Thanks I'll check into that option.
There's what nails Darren's appeal for me. Wonderful knowledge and a willingness to share.
@plnaugle sure you should be able to embed the RSS somewhere in the wiki.
How can I do that with my students? Can Delicious be connected to Edumodo?
Give good thought to what you want to use as a class tag...and it has to scale.
Students all get delicious accounts – before the unit test they have to find one resource and share it
Every students must have a delicious account and find 1 resource to add to the class/unit.
@Melanie Amen.
@Paula I regularly invite my principal to my room when I Skype, podcast, do projects etc.
And conversations= learning.
Darren's showing kick You Tube right now.
Darren's first gig on the biggest radio talk show in Winnipeg lasted - count 'em - 3 hrs. Huge buy-in from the host. Great performance.
Love his quote that work is done on the blog and the classrom time is used for conversations.
@Paula I love that model. I may borrow it this year.
Uses YouTube to teach concepts. You don't have to know it all...just where to find it. :)
@Paula. Great. Your board shows involvement + engagement.
Couldn't agree more about the notes- wish some more teachers could hear him!
Tell me Darren's kids are not more engaged in learning because of these tools than Pre-Cal classes that are not.
All teachers should regulary invite TPTB into their classrooms. . . teach them, too!
THEY take the initiative to do school visits on a regular basis, and have once a month "learning sessions" where Tchrs and Kids share
@Ray and he's not even talking about the authentic audience his students have to share with.
@Paula And how responsible are you for making sure they stay up with what is going on in the classrooms? Invite them in I say.
Good practical advice for students learning how other students think...
@jutecht Makes so much sense. And the fact that teachers can use the scribe assignment as a way to do that is wonderful. Wish my son had Dar
The Darren and his kids show is AWESOME!
Yep, I am. my Sup't is sitting at a conference today at University of VA, following the tweets from here.
@Paula You are one of the few lucky ones to have such a great group of leaders.
My school board DOES try to know exactly what we're trying to do w tech.
Love the kids using tags.
"Get your head around tagging" explaining his use of delicious. Nobody uses delicious better than Darren in the classroom.
@Paula I would love that. Would make our school outstanding.
making connections is easier and faster with online communication
"If kids feel you care and are connected to them they'll do so much more for you."
@Ray social credit is huge especially in MS and HS
When was the last time our policy makers taught in a classroom?
just think what would happen if the principal EXPECTED every teacher to teach like Darren!
Love that concept of social credit as a motivator for students.
How about "Select Cut the forest" :)
@plnaugle - actually every couple of years - but probably not enough....
or set hte expectations so high that the people weed themselves out
Sometimes it is more like a shrub removal :)
Or worse yet they get promoted to central office.
Schools need to do some weeding.
@plnaugle never...they get kicked around from school to school before retiring....ug
Darren walking through his blog and looking at the sidebar elements.
When was the last time a teacher lost their job in your district for doing a poor job of teaching?
That sounds better.
@Melanie Remix: Learning is more important then content?
Perhaps elem have more to lose so have to get it right!
BTW...direct quote from a HS teacher. :)
@Lsly Personally I think teachers use that to hide behind. Elementary can do what they want but we do "real work" up here!
or is it because pedagogy is more important than content (I might be in deep water...)
Thank you @Melanie. I am prejuiced though because I'm an ES teacher.
@jutecht - do we feel the risks aren't as big at elementary? tests, college prep, etc.
@Melanie agree. Is it because they have more freedom with curriculum and teaching...or so the perception goes?
Been talking a lot about risk lately - if we're not willing to take risks (big or small), our students never will.
In my experience elem teachers are so much more willing to change and evolve- anyone else?
Well said, Jeff.
It will need to evolve over time and US school are to busy CYA to innovate new frameworks (IMHO)
We have to be willing to be wrong. Are we willing to do that in education? Changes are the first next framework won't be right.
@melanie so agree. We're stuck in an old framework. The question is are we willing to change that framework? Why not? TTWIADI
Talking about scribe posts...you can find a lot about it on his blog. http://adifference.blogspot.com/
@Isly and @jutecht- Zander said there was no problem that couldn't be solved without a new framework.
I've seen him teach a Grade 10 pre-cal class twice. Absolutely awesome.
@lsly good question. Why "time schedule" if time and space are flatten can our curriculum become flat as well?
More student voices then teacher voice on the blog.
@jutecht: in a large school locked into time schedules, room schedules, extra curricular schedules....can a smaller school do this better?
Watching a video of "a glimpse inside the classroom" a Darren original.
"We want to live outside time and space" podcasts, blogs, wikis, videos, etc
The big question.
Why do we keep our curriculum separate? Specially in the high school where kids should be the most creative!
Brilliant question Jeff.
Why are we not integrating more curriculum to make new from our parts?
How do we create something new from the many parts?
FYI Darren is recording the audio and will create a audio slideshow of preso later. :)
Crafty fellow this fixity guy.
@jutecht That would be a very scary picture.
Watching video "Functional fixity" (URL anyone?)
@plnaugle not sure...rolling that one around in my head....
If you are not in the room. Take a picture of yourself and e-mail it here: and35sink@photos.flickr.com
Like Jakes' quote on literacy meaning being able to read and write in the media of the day!
I know I don't understand a lot of computer stuff but I create many things with one.
For children to create do they always have to understand?
TPACK: Intersection of Technology, Pedgogy and Content Knowledge.
Looking at Bloom's Taxonomy and flipping it on it's head. More create less understanding.
Love turning the triangle around.
What's grok?
@Melanie I am aware that my 4th graders take everyting I say as the gospel. Kind of scary.
Darren said grok!
"Understanding requires factual knowledge and conceptual frameworks"
If you teach young children, you are constantly aware of misconceptions.
The Knowledge Network: New Concepts and New Applications
@plnaugle (blush) Thanks....just doing our jobs. :)
PCK=Pedagogical Content Knowledge (The space we teach in)
Jeff, you and Kim are my inspirations.
I watched Zander's TED talk after all the tweets from BLC this morning.
@Lsly thanks!
@plnaugle that's the cool thing. You can use tools across time and space like wikis and google docs.
Last Lecture - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ji5_MqicxSo
Talking about awesome lectures. Today's keynote from Ben Zander and "The last Lecture" can some one fine the URL to that?
Yes but could work on collaborative Google doc or wiki without worrying about time.
@Glyn I teach grad courses from Bangkok to students in the NE of USA. Time and space have been
Thinks like Skype and Eluminate require you to be time synced.
I posted a comment to a blog this morning about teachers could find more time if they backed away from the copy machine.
Students don't need to be in the same location as their teacher .. cool!
Time and Space no longer matter.
Student completes a quiz via a wiki while on vacation in the Philippines.
@plnaugle like that!
This video is sort of like us. Connected even though not in the same location.
here's the Youtube video link: http://bit.ly/Ikqbr
Darren is starting with shifting times for learning.
@Lsly Strange. Maybe search this in youtube "Sour's 'Hibi no Neiro' "
Talking about a blog post from a pre-cal class called "completing the square"
Yes I have seen this one. It is very cool concept.
you may not copy what I do but we might rhyme
Got it thanks.
didn't work this time again...copy and paste
@plnaugle will have to copy and paste the youtube link it didn't hyperlink the whole thing.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfBlUQguvywtry this...
Seen that vid before. I love it.
@plnaugle Copy and paste it. It worked that way for me.
hello all love the pace here
Have an international fan base that sent in video via web cam for video.
youtube link doesn't work
The video is of the fans of the band...not the band itself.
@fceblog yes...in the room.
Is that the famous Paula White?
@Paula So this twitterized as well. Ok.
Link to very cool video we're watching http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfBlUQguvyw
Hey, Paula! Hot and muggy here in Boston this week as well. .. worse than VA!
@jutecht Agree. (You're in the room with Darren, right?)
how was this video created?
@fceblog 140 characters--just like Twitter--shows how many you have left top right corner, above scroll bar
Watching video "Tone of everyday"
Why no microphone, Darren?
@plnaugle good to "see" you again as well.
I'm in a hot and muggy New Orleans
I Jeff good to "see" you again.
Send pictures to this address and35sink@photos.flickr.com (If you're not here it would be cool to send pics as well)
Thanks for the link.
@fceblog guess we'll find out. :)(Don't like that return doesn't sent the message)
http://tr.im/dkblc09 for wiki handouts.
Hi Jeff good to "see" you again.
I take it for granted that the beauty of the learning conversation here will be backed up somewhere. (how long can a message be here I wonde
So this is the session on "Playing fast and loose with Time and Space"
Hi everyone.
@jutecht Darren always surprises us with new ways.
Cool! First time I've used this tool. :)
Glad to join you.
Hi. Glad you found the space. Share your thoughts and links here.


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