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Page history last edited by Darren Kuropatwa 11 years ago
This is from the folks who opted to hold the conversation in twitter. Thanks to all who contributed to this conversation. Please read from bottom up; archived in reverse chronological order. Thanks again!



  1. tonyparkin#blc09 @dkuropatwa - publishing all his sessions and keen on receiving feedback http://tr.im/dkblc09
  2. Tony Parkin
    tonyparkin#blc09 @dkuropatwa - if students publish not only do you know what they know, but how well they know it, and they know what to do to improve
  3. DaleHolt
    DaleHoltRT @cindybrock: Create content to educate or it's of minimal value. @dkuropatwa #blc09 exactly create a cycle of learning
  4. Tony Parkin
    tonyparkin#blc09 @dkuropatwa Three of student Expert Voice projects now used in State of Ohio for teacher education - another example of serendipity
  5. Cindy Brock
    cindybrockCreate content to educate or it's of minimal value. @dkuropatwa #blc09
  6. Tony Parkin
    tonyparkin#blc09 @dkuropatwa - a project lasting whole semester - Developing Expert Voices - create solve and publish math problems in digital format
  7. Tony Parkin
    tonyparkin#blc09 @dkuropatwa - a tough Dad - son came home with a simple poster project - Darren turns it into a YouTube, Google maps, Flickr project
  8. Clarence Fisher
    glassbeedAlan November giving @dkuropatwa a shout out.
  9. Tony Parkin
    tonyparkin#blc09 @dkuropatwa - Using Wiki History to see the significance of the contributions by the different students to assess value of contribs
  10. Tony Parkin
    tonyparkin#blc09 @dkuropatwa - using wiki textbook - Wk one - every student makes a significant contribution. Wk 2 - improve another student's input.
  11. Tony Parkin
    tonyparkin#blc09 @dkuropatwa - I don't give my students textbooks - my students write textbooks!
  12. Ewan McIntosh
    ewanmcintosh@djakes Give a serendipitous hello to @dkuropatwa Been thinking about y'all a lot this week @ #blc09 Have a Sam Adams on me :-)
  13. David Jakes
    djakesIcon_lock@dkuropatwa is smart. Just sayin'
  14. Tony Parkin
    tonyparkin#blc09 @dkuropatwa - if you don't publish your students work you are closing door on possibility for serendipity as in Stevie Nicks example
  15. Cindy Brock
    cindybrockLearning is a conversation. If you aren’t talking to someone about what you are learning, you aren’t learning. @dkuropatwa #blc09
  16. melhutch
    melhutchCulture of caring= allows for learning and taking the leap @dkuropatwa #blc09
  17. Cindy Brock
    cindybrockpublish everything the students generate. If you don't, you close the door on serendipity. - @dkuropatwa #blc09
  18. Tony Parkin
    tonyparkin#blc09 @dkuropatwa - YouTube video of student choir singing Stevie Nicks song - seen by Stevie Nicks - they joined her on stage in New York!
  19. David Jakes
    djakesIcon_lock"Publish student work. Why? You won't close the door on serendipity." @dkuropatwa
  20. Cindy Brock
    cindybrockpublish everything the students generate. If you don't, you close the door on serendipity. - @dkuropatwa
  21. Tony Parkin
    tonyparkin#blc09 Darren Kuropatwa - a key is to PUBLISH your students' work to make the learning visible to all @dkuropatwa
  22. Andrew Forgrave
    aforgrave@cindybrock Can you provide some highlights from @dkuropatwa 's session? #blc09
  23. Shelley Paul
    lottascalesIn session w @dkuropatwa Extreme Web 2.0 LP Makeover http://dkuropatwablc09.pbwo... #blc09
  24. Cindy Brock
    cindybrockin @dkuropatwa 's session extreme lesson plan makeover at #blc09 backchannel here http://todaysmeet.com/xweb
  25. melhutch
    melhutch@dkuropatwa backchannel his session http://todaysmeet.com/xweb
  26. melhutch
    melhutchIn extreme lesson makeover session with @dkuropatwa #blc09

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